pronouns: xe/xem/xyrs

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Also known as Dr T. J. Bacon, tjb is a visual artist and the founder and artistic director of Tempting Failure, a biennial of international performance art staged in the UK since 2012. Xis practice, framed as an artist-philosopher, extends across performance art and queer phenomenology and xis outputs manifest through the interdisciplinary visual arts and as an author.

Xe focuses upon current societal transformations across intersectionality, queer theory, gender studies, dis/ability and performance art, framed through the lens phenomenological enquiry. tjb advocates for the radical reimagining of traditional phenomenology and the application of a queer phenomenology in the study and making of performance and visual arts.

Xis current interests extend towards the critical examination of the transforming field of contemporary performance through transdisciplinary performance art, curatorial practice, and radical approaches to industry and academia. These areas are framed by tjb’s research focus through queer phenomenology, queer theory, gender studies, political performance (activism and intervention) and equality diversity and inclusion. Xe is particularly interested in how these areas can be mapped through interpretative phenomenological analysis, epistemic violence, futures literacy, applied practices, and development studies.

tjb is a pansexual queer non-binary trans-person with invisible dis/abilities.

Access Document

tjb utilises an access document in advance of working with new partners. Access documents are used by disabled artists/producers such as tjb to ensure that their needs are supported wherever possible.

This document will help to cover important issues prior to beginning a working relationship, allowing institution/gallery/organisation/funding partner/allies and collaborators to feel confident and comfortable in their interactions with each other.

If you would like to work with tjb you can request a copy of xis access document.