Material: 500x Cow Knuckle Bones, 3km Jute Twine, 50l Liquid Latex, 8l Paraffin, Hessian Sackcloth, Sage Smudge Sticks, IKAROS signal flare, ENOLAGAYE red smoke cover device

Action: Durational performance from 4:43am to 9:21pm (16 hours 38mins). A Sunrise cleansing pyre of 500 knuckle bones is ignited in a forgotten landscape between industry, nature and regeneration. The fired bones and ash are walked one to a new location. A 22km journey between two set points. The riverside is cleaned, leaving no trace. The bones are bound and sealed; processed into a sculpture of healing. The sculpture installation is left in situ and visitors are invited to provide a new home to the bound knuckles.

Context: On the 21st June 2019 at 4:43am the sun rose on the Summer Solstice, commencing at 51.5050185, 0.0777211 on the edge of the Thames. This artwork was a de/constructive process; sculpting the physical Being, intangible Self/s and the foundation of a space that would hold a monochromatic cross of bones. This was not a crucifix but rather mapped path/s of psychogenesis; an intersection held somewhere between purgatory and peacefulness. Surveying boundaries and fluid borders - corporeal and geographic - moving through “CHTHONIC’s” external/internal environments, acknowledging the reciprocal intervention that occurs between both. Moving beyond a cis-self, this was a rebirth through fire as an openly queer nonbinary trans dis/abled person.

Raw Labs - Bow Arts Trust, London
London Festival of Architecture 
Photography - Hellen Burrough