Body, porcelain clay mix, heat.

3 hour durational heated body and failed fall; one to one.

Shown as part of the 2008 Sacred Season at Chelsea Theatre, London and as part of Leibniz Book of Blood, the artist was asked to create a response to human rights issues.
Erosion locates the body in an small space for an intimate encounter. Using a distilled Butoh action, the figure falls to the floor over three hours. One on one participants may enter the space and encounter the body in any manner they wish. Calling into question the affect of one Being upon another, the body and Flesh between each other which erodes over the course of time. The room was oppressively heated through the course of the action to allow the porcelain clay to bake and crack on the body.

This work was a collaboration between tjb and sculptor Mimi Joung.

Selected for Sacred 2008 with support from Leibniz and Arts Council England.

Chelsea Theatre - London, UK
Photography - Kevin Townsend