Material: Two parallel pyres 50x50x4000 (reclaimed and recut wood & off-cut chipboard, cardboard, fire lighters, 30 ltrs paraffin, locally sourced bracken, lighter fuel, polyester kindling), red naval distress flares, water, suits, rope, PA (undisclosed set up).

Action: 20 minute reciprocal mouth dragging between two elongated pyres.

Context: A collaborative elemental action between tjb and FK Alexander that framed a dialogue around control and reciprocity in the ontology between gendered bodies.

Shown as part of Buzzcut in 2015, in the rear courtyard of the Pierce Institute, Govan. Selected for the Buzzcut Residency 2015 supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. With thanks to Kylie Minoise for providing transcendental harsh noise meditation 1 as taken from Endlessly unraveling streamers of thought and rhapsodic speculation.

Buzzcut - Glasgow, UK
Photography - Julia Bauer