Material: two bodies, early 20th century period suitcase, pins, bottled water, choral music, portable speaker.

Action: 30 minute reciprocal self flagellation for two bodies. Transcendant actions are repeatedly interrupted or disrupted. 

Context: Shown as part of the 2014 Month of Performance Art set in the wonderful Das Theater der Zunkunft at the Ding Dong Dum, this work is a part of an ongoing open collaboration by Ernst Fischer.

Inspired by a ritual known as Matam, which takes place in the Shiite ceremony of Ashura, PASSION/Flower transcends its origins, becoming an action that opens the body to a trance state of rhythm & ritual practice, that the artists intentionally interrupt.

Exhibited in 2014 with support from MPA and University of Bristol.
Exhibited in 2015 with support from Latitude, Tempting Failure and Arts Council England.

2014- 2015
Month of Performance Art - Berlin, Germany 
Latitude Festival - England, UK
Photography - Aleks Slota