Material: 2x Sledgehammers with drilled holes in the top and rope loops passed through, black suits, a 3 meter raised platform, spit, 2x metal hooks, 2x perspex sheets (suspended).

Action: Action 1: 30 minutes holding a fixed position with a sledgehammer suspended from the mouth. Action 2: Slow movement with the weight of the hammer. Action 3: Drooling from height. Action 4: Breath and spit on perspex. Action 5: Connection between two. Action 6: Our naked Self/s.

Of breath, Of mind, Of spit, Of sight, Of sound, Of healing, Of lucidity, Of hands, Of time.

Considering our place in the perceived presence from a series of momentary actions.

Context: Shown as part of Place. Rhythm. Pulse. An ongoing programme at Ausland, in Berlin.
This work marked the first collaboration between Joke Lanz and tjb and was the presentation of a score of actions following a short residency at Ausland.

Ausland - Berlin, Germany
Photography - Laura Fusato